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"Good people, good products.

I wish there were more businesses like this!"



What our clients are saying

These are THE most beautiful skin care products. I have tried lots of them now, but my absolute favorite is the Elderflower, Chamomile and Calendula Face Cream ❤ and all handmade with love which shines through


The Elderflower, Chamomile and Calendula Face Cream is my favorite.. it smells amazing and leaves my skin absolutely glowing!


So far this (Elderflower, Chamomile + Calendula Face Cream) is one of the only product that I am not allergic to and it replenishes my skin beyond any words of explanation. From head to toe. Thank you so so much.


Good people, good products. I wish there were more businesses like this!


I used Tassajara Outpost Hair Serum for the first time today and it is absolutely perfect for my long curly hair. My curls are soft, tame, and beautiful. I’m thrilled to add this to my hair care regime!


I just received my Skin Healing Balm today. I immediately rubbed it into my very dry heels. An hour plus later, my skin in still soft and soaking up the balm. I also rubbed it into my hands and it’s not greasy feeling or heavy.
Love, love , love!


My skin has completely changed. I'm so blessed to have purchased this amazing cream. I bought 3 for Christmas presents and kept one for myself. Best thing I have ever done for my body. So thankful that I made this choice to support my friends. Not only does my skin thank me, but I get to purchase it close to home.


My son has been working up at the Preserve for the summer which means high heat, lots of poison oak and lots of bugs! Iris had a booth at the Carmel Valley Art & Wine with lots of goodies. I bought the poison oak spray for him and he LOVES it. His words were cooling and refreshing! Wonderful stuff.


This stuff (Pain Relief Salve) is THE BEST topical pain salve Ive ever used!!! Better than CBD and better than Arnica. It is instant pain relief.


Our Mission

Our skin is our largest organ and also one of the most important. It absorbs what we put on it, so we need to be especially careful that we are not using anything that could make our bodies sick. At the Tassajara Outpost we keep things simple and clean. No additives and no chemicals. Just natural ingredients combined with your skins health in mind.

We are actively working to eliminate plastic completely from our business. As we work towards this goal and continue to work with other small businesses to renormalize a plastic free world, we sincerely appreciate our customers business and support.  It is my sincere hope that as more consumers support these kinds of business, more products and innovations will become available to move us closer to a plastic free world.

Our Story

Tassajara Outpost brings skincare, art and handmade goods under one roof. This woman owned business centers around local, sustainable and plastic free. Their gender-inclusive skincare uses local native plants and local ingredients, many of which are sourced right off of their small Carmel Valley farm. Handmade goods and art focus on local inspiration and finds.

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