Poison Oak Relief Set

Poison Oak Relief Set

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Do you get Poison Oak?

Our Poison Oak Relief Set is made from all natural ingredients, and make a great team to combat your Poison Oak (or Poison Ivy) rash.

Our active ingredients are Mugwort and Witch Hazel. Mugwort neutralizes the urishiol oil in Sumac plants (Poison Oak and Poison Ivy), and Witch Hazel dries up the rash. Urishiol is the oily compound found in Sumac. It causes a rash by quickly binding to the proteins in your skin, causing your skin to think those skin cells are foreign agents. Your body then tries to fight them off, causing a rash that can last for days, or even weeks.

Use the soap daily until the rash is gone. The spray is what you want to use IMMEDIATELY if you come into contact with Poison Oak (or Poison Ivy), or as a preventative if you think you may be coming into contact with it. Spray anytime it begins to itch until it starts to dry out. Tip: Keep it refrigerated for an extra cooling effect. this spray comes in a reusable, recyclable aluminum bottle made for easy travel on the trail or at work.

Once the rash has started to dry out apply our salve to prevent your skin from cracking and bleeding. The salve is also great for PO rashes in sensitive areas, or to use at night or at times when your skin is not sweating. It can also be used as a preventative by rubbing it into your skin before you go out. It also can be kept refrigerated for added relief.

Get yours individually or as a set in our shop today 🌿🍂 

Comes with a 4 oz bottle of spray, a 2 oz salve and a bar of Poison Oak Be Gone Soap.


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Spray Ingredients: Mugwort and Witch Hazel

Salve Ingredients: Mugowrt, Witch Hazel, California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Beeswax